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Blog 11 Who Needs To Know About Your PLN

This class has taught me a lot about how social media can greatly impact our personal, professional life, specifically as a student. In the class, through a discussion of various topics of our PLN, digital identity, diversity and inclusion, I… Continue Reading →

Blog #10 Engaging your PLN

How you can use the PLN interactions of this course to further your digital identity post-term. From the PLN interaction in this course, I have learned a lot about making a successful PLN and how to be positive contributor to… Continue Reading →

#9 Why Media Literacy matters in your PLN

What is media literacy? To understand media literacy, let’s break down the word. Media is a communication tool to store and share information. This can include new paper, photography, advertising, audio, video, and so much more (Trilling, B & Fadel,… Continue Reading →

Blog #8 PLN & Education

How does a PLN give power to messaging for an individual or community? Using PLN is a great way to share their ideas and thoughts. With a strong PLN, it can take it even further. Sharing the message, reaching out… Continue Reading →

Blog #7 Public PLN – Balancing PLN & Public Discourse

Identify the risks and benefits of engaging with a public audience in a media space. There are many benefits to engaging with a public audience through social media. The main ones that became obvious with Jody Vance’s interview are that… Continue Reading →

Blog #6 Community engagement is public communications

 what are the benefits of a diverse and inclusive PLN in social media sharing that understands where you are coming from with messaging that impacts the community? Using PLN to connect to various people will ensure that you enhance your… Continue Reading →

Blog #5 PLN in Practice

  Bianca Woods explained that “A PLN is simply an informal group of people who you learn things from regularly. And if you’re doing it right, they learn things from you too.” Because it is an informal setting it is… Continue Reading →

Blog #4 My PLN and Inclusion

How diverse is your existing PLN? I have never taken the time to look at my PLN connections to see if it was diverse. To me, diversity is such a large container of people; it includes all ages, ethnicities, religions,… Continue Reading →

Blog #3 Personal Digital Identity vs Professional Digital Identity

  Above is my personal V&R map. Here you can see that I use youtube more as an Insititunal resource; I visit to better understand a topic. I also have Instagram, messenger and phone calls in personal and institutional because… Continue Reading →

Blog #2 Digital Identity

What is a digital identity? Digital identity is essentially everything that you do online (Stoller, 2016). It is how you engage with other users online, what you write about, what you share, what platforms you use and anything else that… Continue Reading →

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